Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I have tried to sit down and write a new post for like the past week and every time I do they are just boring so everyone is just going to have to bear with me on this one because this one might begin to sound like a family christmas card letter than my normal EXTREMELY exciting post.

The past few weeks have been rather busy, I met up with a friend from my grade school Holy Infant days that I saw on facebook was in London. We went to my first American bar which was not that impressive. (Maybe this is because I love the attention of being the only American in normal nights out....never thought being a blue eyed blonde haired girl from Missouri was going to be exotic)
Also another friend was in town, my cousins best friend Mandy Hill who I have known since I was 12 was in town before going to Italy for school. Seeing a familiar face and having someone that laughed at my stupid jokes was just what I needed.

I had a great Easter and will admit I was just a little sad that for the first time in my almost 23 years of life I didn't wake up and have to search around the house for an Easter basket. I did however buy myself some crispy M&M's (you cant get that shit over in the states....)
And I got to skype with my family one point in the weekend I realized that everyone had put my Dad's ipad down and I was just talking to myself. I'm just going to make myself feel better and say that I think Bennett was listening, he just couldn't respond.
On Easter Sunday I got to see everyone again over at my Mom's when I was skyping with Jax ( I think he was sniffing around trying to find an easter basket for himself or he was looking for me)
Also, I realized only a couple years ago that the Easter bunny doesnt hide everyone's Easter baskets.

I am also so lucky how often I get to talk to my godchild, Addison. Like she smiles when she sees me and even when she hears my voice. I will say that she is a vey happy baby and smiles A LOT, but I think she likes me too. It is crazy that I get to see her her newly discovered love of rolling over even when I am across the world.

Ok, Its starting to get a little christmas lettery and I am bragging about my family.

This past weekend was the first day in London since I have been here where it was sunny the whole day AND over 35 degrees. I think everyone in the whole city was outside.....I mean it was only like 50 degrees but thats basically summer here. I spent the day with my friend Emma and her friends from Canada. We walked around the whole city....pushed through hoards of people at Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, but it was worth it getting to see the hot spots in such beautiful weather. Of course we ended the day in a pub. Specifically a Canadian pub where I am have become a regular, sorry America.

I was asked the other day if I was here for school, so I figure I should mention that a little on here so people don't get confused.  I am. This term ends next week so I have been busy finishing projects and papers. Then I have off for two weeks and begin the next term in May. (thats enough school talk right???)

I just booked a trip to go an island off Spain during my break. So I am having a little confusion, its called Mallorca or Majorca. I think I can spell it both ways but I dont want to look like an idiot. I am SO excited for 5 FULL DAYS OF SUN. I already am imagining the outfits I get to wear here too.

I am looking sooooo forward to next month when my mom and maggie mcgrath with both be here!!!!!

 love you all

ps I will never go this long again without blogging because I am missing so many funny things that have happened

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Been a Min

Sorry its been a minute since I have posted anything....its not because I am busy because I am not. I just forget.

Also nothing really interesting has gone on here lately. I was supposed to go to Amsterdam this weekend with a bunch of the Brazilians from school, but I bailed because
1. I don't know any of them that well and I didnt want to embarrass myself if anything weird went down in the Dam
2. I forgot about a St Patricks Day Party
3. Mainly and mostly we were taking a 17 hour bus ride there (Im not really equipped for that sort of thing)

Two weekends ago I was quite the entertainer (shocking right?) I sang karaoke at a pub....I really classed the joint up with a rendition of Like a Prayer.....I barely even needed the words because I used to sing it to my parents when I was like 6. That began at like 7pm I ended up staying out all night and didnt get home till 8am. Not because I spent the night anywhere but because I actually stayed out that long. (I really felt like a tool for telling you that) My body was in complete shock, seeing that it was a change from my normal 10 o'clock bedtime. I also slept for like the next 3 days.

Last weekend I went to a really douchey club, I HAD to wear heels. Something I can't really wrap my head around is why any "club" would require the girls to wear heels. Its almost an oxymoron - get drunk....wear 5 inch heels....try to walk on cobblestone street. Nothing about that adds up to a good idea. AM I RIGHT LADIES???

Another change in my life is that I joined a gym and have a personal trainer...I havent been in shape (skinny) since around 2009 so it was about time. To say that I am out of shape does not begin to describe it. After my first session I thought I was going to have to ask my trainer to carry me home. Tonight, I threw up.  My body is constantly shaking and/or its hurts to sit down. Im not even being dramatic. So hopefully by the time I come home in July I'll follow in my fathers footsteps and have entered a body building contest.

Anyway, this was probably the most rambling I have done in a post yet.....hopefully you can still follow it.

Love you!!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013


I don't really have that much to write about to everyone, I had a pretty boring week. Nothing new to report.  I am very jealous of the snowstorm KC and STL had. It almost seems a shame that being so cloudy/rainy all the time London doesn't get a least one REAL snow a year....

This weekend I decided I was going to broaden my horizon aka friends and go out with the Brazilians from school. I think half of my school is made up of Brazilians because in every class there are at least 10 people from Brazil, their casual conversations of housekeepers and their horses at home also intrigued me.One of them tried to prank me with a fake cockroach....still not sure why he had brought a fake bug to class. I didn't have the heart to tell him that while I am scared of cockroaches  1. I have an older brother, getting pranked was like my childhood 2. I'm a pro a pranking (KC roommates....remember the week I buried a skateboard under the snow)

Back to the story, I recieved a text on Friday night telling me my name was on the list at Zoo! Of course I googled what the hell I was getting myself into. I am really more of a get drunk at a dive bar than a bottle service kind of girl anyway but isnt the whole reason I am across the pond to experience new things....Like a night out at a club with a bunch of Brazilians. I don't need to get into any details but the night got a little out of hand but a good clean fun out of hand.

The next morning I woke up around 10am..that alone should shock everyone because I am usually up at the crack of dawn. I was having a slow morning in bed when all of a sudden I heard what, to me sounded like a bomb had just gone off. Of course, I had just blown the fuse next to bed. By blown the fuse I mean the extension cord next to my bed blew up, who knew that the plugs were sooo shitty over here that if you had 4 things plugged in (also using plug converters) that it would be a deal breaker. I know I can be a little dramatic...but Im not. Im talking like the whole 4 socket thing turned black also blackening things around it. I got so nervous my whole room was about to burst into flames. (Yes, I have seen Just Married and thats basically what almost happened) Well maybe it was nerves, maybe it was the amount of alcohol I had consumed the night before but I forgot how to walk and fell down the stairs.....

I then ran down the hall to the person working the front door to tell them that I maybe just set my room on fire, but really I was also thinking....I am so glad I put pants on when I went to bed last night. Turns out I only actually blew a fuse, so maybe three other rooms surrounding me had their fuses blown too but thats neither here nor there.

So I have bruises all over my legs from falling down the stairs, and maybe a bit of a bruised ego, literally personifying the American stereotype to the Italian man who works the front desk at my apartment. And yes, I did stay in bed for the rest of the day.

Love ya, TTYL

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Real Londoner Now


So EVERYONE keeps asking me when I am going to write on new blog post so I am finally doing it....I don't want to overkill it. There is only so much I can write about without boring you death when I tell you all I did that day was shop. (jk mom and dad)

It was my second week of school and to be honest I need something else to do....I only have class two days a week, Monday and Wednesday so I have like a 4 day weekend to get myself into trouble. I know what you are thinking, get a job you filthy animal. BUT I can't because I am only on a student visa, meaning no one can legally pay me. Now I also know that you are probably thinking, yes I have looked into under the table jobs kind of but 'Drug Dealer' or 'Street Walker' don't look very good on a resume or I wouldn't want the queen to behead me if I got arrested (thats how it works here right?) Also incase anyone is wondering....I get deported if I don't go to class. So that puts a pep in my step to go to school for a 6 hour class.

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, I spent mine hungover watching netflix and ordered Indian takeout (cue Bridget Jones Diary)

I have begun to fully submerse myself in the culture, don't worry I am not talking with an accent but close enough. Although someone did ask if I was Scottish the other day....Im thinking they were hammered. I have had to learn/try a couple things so I don't look like the awkward American.   I'll start off by saying that I stand out a little with my bright colored clothes, I had a green sweater on the other day and my friend from London kindly compared me to one of the street construction workers. So of course this turned into me doing a little bit of shopping on Oxford Street. I tried on a tasteful pair of leather pants. Thats all the really needs to be said, didnt turn out so well. If you have seen the episode of friends when Ross buys a pair thats a good indication of what went down in the dressing room. I once spent a whole evening perfecting 'the sock bun'....thats how all the cool girls do their hair. I have had to learn the art of keeping warm because its cold but also not too warm because since you walk everywhere you (maybe just me) get REAL hot and you obvs don't want to be the sweaty kid on the tube home at 6pm.

I moved to a great area called Russell Square, I can walk to school everyday and its super close to the city center of London, like out my window a sightseeing tour bus passes around every minute,I am on the ground floor so my view is of cars and a Greek restaurant. But I am much closer to everything. I still am getting used to things being so small, aka my room. I moved into a studio because all the flats at this location were booked. I am calling my new place "a luxury dorm room" even in its small size... much better than my last place. I can actually shower without falling into the toilet with one wrong move.

I went to a bar the other night to watch the 'futbol' game after class with my British friend and we were going to meet some of his friends up there. In a full on dream come true we walked in and the place was filled wall to wall with British men in suits. I literally almost fainted at the door. Apparently it was a pretty big game between Real Madrid and Man U (I was told only Americans call it this).  In typical me fashion I got way too into the game and many beers later I officially became a Manchester United fan. I was told that it did not work like America if I was going to commit to being a 'United' fan that night I would have to stay that for the rest of my life, so if another British team (like Arsenal) was playing another country I am not allowed to even cheer for Arsenal. So being swept up in the moment, I agreed to being a United fan. If anyone knows me they know I am great fair weather fan of almost anything, start a chant and I am sold....I also tend to be a little too 'loyal' to the team I am rooting for (Lauren Wanner can attest to that, many sporting events have ended up with us yelling at opposing fans...whether they be 80 year old men with canes or school aged boys with their family)   'The big important game' ended in a tie, don't worry though I looked like an idiot when at the end of overtime I slurred  " Its ok though, we totally will get them in the shoot out kicks" yeah, they don't do that.
Soooo moral of that story is I am a Manchester United fan and I discovered the best bar in London.

I can't believe I have been here almost a month, it does not seem possible. I will probably post some pictures later this week.

 Love and miss you all!!!

Friday, 8 February 2013

My First (Almost) Two Weeks

I want to start off by saying if anyone randomly found this blog by googling weird shit, this is in no way related to  'Alexis Does Texas.' I am just your run of the mill white girl blogging about what I am doing for the next six months in London.

I decided to start a blog of my adventures here in London because if you know me, you know most of the time I can barely manage to keep my mouth shut. SOOO since I haven't made friends that will actually listen to me talk about nonsense for 5 hours straight, I had to find someway to 'talk' about my day to day activities. And I think some people will actually be interested in what I am doing across the pond (I am talking to you Aunt Colleen)

Dont take anything I say on here seriously. Also Mom, Dad, family, and if any little kids happen to be reading this ( just turned three, you should be reading by the time I get home) sorry I cuss but its going to happen. I will try to not say the F word but if i do ill grade school it and use f***. I will try not to talk about how often I get drunk. It will probably seem like I am complaining a lot but really I am not....its all in good fun. And don't worry about my will almost never be correct, most days I can barely manage to write my own name.

So I got here on Monday the 29th and somehow made in into my student accommodation with my 4 very large 50 pound suitcases all with the help of the nice Indian man who drove me from the airport. Luckily I had called ahead to demand a larger car because I knew there was no way my ass and all my luggage was going to fit in one those little things they like to call cars over here. So anyways I made it in and it took me all of two days to unpack and find places to put all of my stuff. The three drawers they provide barely fit my bras so most of my clothes are folded NEATLY on this like book case shelving thing. Anyway my room is chilling....its in a 4 person flat. I currently only have two roommates, one is a 19 year old German girl...only seen her twice. The other is a 30 year old man 'working on his masters' not quite sure how they let people like that into student accomodations. Nice guy though.
When I got here I made friends with the other roommate who is a Danish girl but she had planned to move to a cheaper place so she left but we are still friends.

My second day in I was getting like actually worried sick of the thought that I had no idea how the hell to manage the 'tube' considering the only times I have used public transportation are to get to cardinal games and this one time I got my license taken away because I forgot to pay speeding tickets and my mom would drop me off at the Metro in Clayton so I could get to work downtown....that was like 3 years ago though so I don't really remember it.  But my Danish friend said she would take me and help me find my school which is 5 stops away on the tube in Holborn. I am in Holloway (for now...more on that later) So then we went on like a little day adventure and she showed me some cool places that are not for tourists and we went to some mall.....I am not really sure how we ended up there but we did and now I have no idea where it is. Main point of this story is that I had spent all day with this girl and we were like BFFS and I had no idea what her name was so on the train home I VERY smoothly asked to see her like oyster train student pass since I knew it would say her name, problem is....shes foreign. Her name was Nanna. Seems pretty easy but I didnt want to start calling her my nana. I just waited till the man we live with said it right.

I started school this week I made friends with this girl named Emma, I think we will be besties. Also  there was this British guy who I became 'friends' with....I think it was because he was the loudest person in the room and looked like he knew what he talking about.  He is hilarious...he has lived in London his whole life and is the walking stereotype, horrible teeth and thick accent, half the time I have no idea what he is saying because they use different words over here. Not like the ones you are thinking like 'oh the loo' or 'im going to smoke a fag' but shit I literally cant explain. My favorite being all girls are called birds...I think thats hilarious. I am sure he has no idea what I am saying when Im like 'yeah Ill probs be there in like a min'

I decided I was moving, not that I don't like this place, but I dont. For starters the 'ensuite bathroom' they described is a little more like a porta potty with a very small shower in it. The other day I bent down to shave my legs and my ass pushed the shower door out and then I was like basically just sitting on the toilet. I know from traveling to Europe before that everything is like smaller here but seriously. And the british kid from class told me the area I was living in was a shithole and no one would ever have a reason to come out there and "nice" prostitutes frequent the area. Thats all I need to hear to call up my Mom and Dad and ask them if I could move, almost doubling my rent price. YIKES.
I am moving next week into a studio, but its still a student accommodation...apparently like half of University of Iowa lives there. So I'll probably meet an American farmer while studying abroad in London.
My new place is small, but a lot nicer and the bathroom is a lot bigger..thank god. The best part is it's in a really cool part of town called Russell Square and its less than half a mile away from my school so I can walk to school everyday. The coolness of taking the tube everyday has kind of worn off.

So this weekend I am going out with Emma, I'll tell you all about it on Monday. Also next week I am going to have my first tourist day because I still haven't even seen Big Ben or the London Bridge since I have been here
Have a great weekend everyone (the three people reading this) Love you and miss you all.

Since I know the first two (maybe only) reading this will be my sister and Samantha...give Addison and Adeline and Bennett a kiss for me.

I forgot to say this so I had to come back and add it or else I wouldnt have felt right. For those wondering  I did not abandon my sweet Jax in America. He is living with my Mom till I come back and is being treated like a king. I felt like a horrible dog mother that I didnt even mention him but dont worry, we often facetime or skype.

ps if you actually read the whole thing.... my next post wont be this long, I just had so much to talk about.

Love you,
Alexis (The Fancy Yancey)