Thursday, 14 March 2013

Been a Min

Sorry its been a minute since I have posted anything....its not because I am busy because I am not. I just forget.

Also nothing really interesting has gone on here lately. I was supposed to go to Amsterdam this weekend with a bunch of the Brazilians from school, but I bailed because
1. I don't know any of them that well and I didnt want to embarrass myself if anything weird went down in the Dam
2. I forgot about a St Patricks Day Party
3. Mainly and mostly we were taking a 17 hour bus ride there (Im not really equipped for that sort of thing)

Two weekends ago I was quite the entertainer (shocking right?) I sang karaoke at a pub....I really classed the joint up with a rendition of Like a Prayer.....I barely even needed the words because I used to sing it to my parents when I was like 6. That began at like 7pm I ended up staying out all night and didnt get home till 8am. Not because I spent the night anywhere but because I actually stayed out that long. (I really felt like a tool for telling you that) My body was in complete shock, seeing that it was a change from my normal 10 o'clock bedtime. I also slept for like the next 3 days.

Last weekend I went to a really douchey club, I HAD to wear heels. Something I can't really wrap my head around is why any "club" would require the girls to wear heels. Its almost an oxymoron - get drunk....wear 5 inch heels....try to walk on cobblestone street. Nothing about that adds up to a good idea. AM I RIGHT LADIES???

Another change in my life is that I joined a gym and have a personal trainer...I havent been in shape (skinny) since around 2009 so it was about time. To say that I am out of shape does not begin to describe it. After my first session I thought I was going to have to ask my trainer to carry me home. Tonight, I threw up.  My body is constantly shaking and/or its hurts to sit down. Im not even being dramatic. So hopefully by the time I come home in July I'll follow in my fathers footsteps and have entered a body building contest.

Anyway, this was probably the most rambling I have done in a post yet.....hopefully you can still follow it.

Love you!!!