Sunday, 17 February 2013

Real Londoner Now


So EVERYONE keeps asking me when I am going to write on new blog post so I am finally doing it....I don't want to overkill it. There is only so much I can write about without boring you death when I tell you all I did that day was shop. (jk mom and dad)

It was my second week of school and to be honest I need something else to do....I only have class two days a week, Monday and Wednesday so I have like a 4 day weekend to get myself into trouble. I know what you are thinking, get a job you filthy animal. BUT I can't because I am only on a student visa, meaning no one can legally pay me. Now I also know that you are probably thinking, yes I have looked into under the table jobs kind of but 'Drug Dealer' or 'Street Walker' don't look very good on a resume or I wouldn't want the queen to behead me if I got arrested (thats how it works here right?) Also incase anyone is wondering....I get deported if I don't go to class. So that puts a pep in my step to go to school for a 6 hour class.

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, I spent mine hungover watching netflix and ordered Indian takeout (cue Bridget Jones Diary)

I have begun to fully submerse myself in the culture, don't worry I am not talking with an accent but close enough. Although someone did ask if I was Scottish the other day....Im thinking they were hammered. I have had to learn/try a couple things so I don't look like the awkward American.   I'll start off by saying that I stand out a little with my bright colored clothes, I had a green sweater on the other day and my friend from London kindly compared me to one of the street construction workers. So of course this turned into me doing a little bit of shopping on Oxford Street. I tried on a tasteful pair of leather pants. Thats all the really needs to be said, didnt turn out so well. If you have seen the episode of friends when Ross buys a pair thats a good indication of what went down in the dressing room. I once spent a whole evening perfecting 'the sock bun'....thats how all the cool girls do their hair. I have had to learn the art of keeping warm because its cold but also not too warm because since you walk everywhere you (maybe just me) get REAL hot and you obvs don't want to be the sweaty kid on the tube home at 6pm.

I moved to a great area called Russell Square, I can walk to school everyday and its super close to the city center of London, like out my window a sightseeing tour bus passes around every minute,I am on the ground floor so my view is of cars and a Greek restaurant. But I am much closer to everything. I still am getting used to things being so small, aka my room. I moved into a studio because all the flats at this location were booked. I am calling my new place "a luxury dorm room" even in its small size... much better than my last place. I can actually shower without falling into the toilet with one wrong move.

I went to a bar the other night to watch the 'futbol' game after class with my British friend and we were going to meet some of his friends up there. In a full on dream come true we walked in and the place was filled wall to wall with British men in suits. I literally almost fainted at the door. Apparently it was a pretty big game between Real Madrid and Man U (I was told only Americans call it this).  In typical me fashion I got way too into the game and many beers later I officially became a Manchester United fan. I was told that it did not work like America if I was going to commit to being a 'United' fan that night I would have to stay that for the rest of my life, so if another British team (like Arsenal) was playing another country I am not allowed to even cheer for Arsenal. So being swept up in the moment, I agreed to being a United fan. If anyone knows me they know I am great fair weather fan of almost anything, start a chant and I am sold....I also tend to be a little too 'loyal' to the team I am rooting for (Lauren Wanner can attest to that, many sporting events have ended up with us yelling at opposing fans...whether they be 80 year old men with canes or school aged boys with their family)   'The big important game' ended in a tie, don't worry though I looked like an idiot when at the end of overtime I slurred  " Its ok though, we totally will get them in the shoot out kicks" yeah, they don't do that.
Soooo moral of that story is I am a Manchester United fan and I discovered the best bar in London.

I can't believe I have been here almost a month, it does not seem possible. I will probably post some pictures later this week.

 Love and miss you all!!!

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