Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I have tried to sit down and write a new post for like the past week and every time I do they are just boring so everyone is just going to have to bear with me on this one because this one might begin to sound like a family christmas card letter than my normal EXTREMELY exciting post.

The past few weeks have been rather busy, I met up with a friend from my grade school Holy Infant days that I saw on facebook was in London. We went to my first American bar which was not that impressive. (Maybe this is because I love the attention of being the only American in normal nights out....never thought being a blue eyed blonde haired girl from Missouri was going to be exotic)
Also another friend was in town, my cousins best friend Mandy Hill who I have known since I was 12 was in town before going to Italy for school. Seeing a familiar face and having someone that laughed at my stupid jokes was just what I needed.

I had a great Easter and will admit I was just a little sad that for the first time in my almost 23 years of life I didn't wake up and have to search around the house for an Easter basket. I did however buy myself some crispy M&M's (you cant get that shit over in the states....)
And I got to skype with my family one point in the weekend I realized that everyone had put my Dad's ipad down and I was just talking to myself. I'm just going to make myself feel better and say that I think Bennett was listening, he just couldn't respond.
On Easter Sunday I got to see everyone again over at my Mom's when I was skyping with Jax ( I think he was sniffing around trying to find an easter basket for himself or he was looking for me)
Also, I realized only a couple years ago that the Easter bunny doesnt hide everyone's Easter baskets.

I am also so lucky how often I get to talk to my godchild, Addison. Like she smiles when she sees me and even when she hears my voice. I will say that she is a vey happy baby and smiles A LOT, but I think she likes me too. It is crazy that I get to see her her newly discovered love of rolling over even when I am across the world.

Ok, Its starting to get a little christmas lettery and I am bragging about my family.

This past weekend was the first day in London since I have been here where it was sunny the whole day AND over 35 degrees. I think everyone in the whole city was outside.....I mean it was only like 50 degrees but thats basically summer here. I spent the day with my friend Emma and her friends from Canada. We walked around the whole city....pushed through hoards of people at Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, but it was worth it getting to see the hot spots in such beautiful weather. Of course we ended the day in a pub. Specifically a Canadian pub where I am have become a regular, sorry America.

I was asked the other day if I was here for school, so I figure I should mention that a little on here so people don't get confused.  I am. This term ends next week so I have been busy finishing projects and papers. Then I have off for two weeks and begin the next term in May. (thats enough school talk right???)

I just booked a trip to go an island off Spain during my break. So I am having a little confusion, its called Mallorca or Majorca. I think I can spell it both ways but I dont want to look like an idiot. I am SO excited for 5 FULL DAYS OF SUN. I already am imagining the outfits I get to wear here too.

I am looking sooooo forward to next month when my mom and maggie mcgrath with both be here!!!!!

 love you all

ps I will never go this long again without blogging because I am missing so many funny things that have happened

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