Thursday, 14 March 2013

Been a Min

Sorry its been a minute since I have posted anything....its not because I am busy because I am not. I just forget.

Also nothing really interesting has gone on here lately. I was supposed to go to Amsterdam this weekend with a bunch of the Brazilians from school, but I bailed because
1. I don't know any of them that well and I didnt want to embarrass myself if anything weird went down in the Dam
2. I forgot about a St Patricks Day Party
3. Mainly and mostly we were taking a 17 hour bus ride there (Im not really equipped for that sort of thing)

Two weekends ago I was quite the entertainer (shocking right?) I sang karaoke at a pub....I really classed the joint up with a rendition of Like a Prayer.....I barely even needed the words because I used to sing it to my parents when I was like 6. That began at like 7pm I ended up staying out all night and didnt get home till 8am. Not because I spent the night anywhere but because I actually stayed out that long. (I really felt like a tool for telling you that) My body was in complete shock, seeing that it was a change from my normal 10 o'clock bedtime. I also slept for like the next 3 days.

Last weekend I went to a really douchey club, I HAD to wear heels. Something I can't really wrap my head around is why any "club" would require the girls to wear heels. Its almost an oxymoron - get drunk....wear 5 inch heels....try to walk on cobblestone street. Nothing about that adds up to a good idea. AM I RIGHT LADIES???

Another change in my life is that I joined a gym and have a personal trainer...I havent been in shape (skinny) since around 2009 so it was about time. To say that I am out of shape does not begin to describe it. After my first session I thought I was going to have to ask my trainer to carry me home. Tonight, I threw up.  My body is constantly shaking and/or its hurts to sit down. Im not even being dramatic. So hopefully by the time I come home in July I'll follow in my fathers footsteps and have entered a body building contest.

Anyway, this was probably the most rambling I have done in a post yet.....hopefully you can still follow it.

Love you!!!


  1. Scrapper, got it figured out. First, now that dreadful (insert British accent here)Facetime image when I talked with you after the all nighter is explained, unfortunately I have no excuse!
    I am sure your Karoke version was not nearly as sweet as the performance I remember 16 years ago,with the ice cream scoop as the microphone prop. In your innocence (Madonna is such a slut!) you sang that song and practiced moves that made us question your heritage...are you truly a Yancey/Worsham?...since you are the first ever to have true rhythm!
    Very proud of the pain you are experiencing as a returning athlete! I am hopeful that you will remember how hard it is to get back into shape and it will become a lifetime commitment. You have always been a wonderful athlete, the most beautiful swimmer in the family, Joseph owns wrestling, Lauren - horseback riding and hopscotch :)
    Adeline after talking with you this weekend during her Oma time, asked me to take her with me to visit you in London. Can you imagine, I love that baby, but she could break the Buckigham Palace guards!
    Also got to spend time with Samantha and Addison this week. She loves me! She smiled, giggled and slept in my arms (Addison, not Sam, it was pure joy. I hear that she responds to your voice and picture everytime they Skype, she won't forget you
    Jax is doing so well. I am sure you are aware that he is the star of the Watering Bowl Doggie Daycare video feed, as he is very popular, sniffed often and early upon his arrival to the center! He always makes the facebook page with a new friend trying to hump him....I thought they had to all be fixed?
    Only 6 more weeks until I get to hug my baby, can't wait, love you more than words
    Take care, be safe just as important, STUDY hard for those good grades smart girl

  2. Hi Dear! It's Kathy Jo. I've been following since the very first post, but just now stopped to log in at a real computer to be able to do all the acoount stuff so that I can offically follow you, and make comments. I just love reading this! Love you!

  3. Yay! So glad you like it Kathy Jo!!! miss you guys love you